Dadparvar's Services

Dadparvar law firm, offers a variety of services, in collaboration with a qualified and expert specialist, the most important of which are as follows

Lawyers and Arbitrators Experienced lawyers and arbitrators in Dadparvar are ready to work on your lawsuits! Expertise and Experience Nowadays, one person can't be expert in all fields. Not one single key can open any lock. In Dadparvar, we have an expert for each field. We believe in experience and expertiese.

Lawyers and Arbitrators

With years of experience, in different law fields, lawyers and arbitrators in our law firm are ready to provide legal services to you and your business.

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Holding Educational Courses Experts and Experienced lawyers, arbitrators, and professors teach you and whoever you want, all about law and insurance. Learn more, and speed up your business growth. Say goodbye to old-school methods Dadparvar's main goal is to provide services which are the combination of law and technology. This applies to educational services as well.

Holding Educational Courses

Dadparvar is holding educational events, including but not limited to seminars and classes and meetings, using the newest tools and experienced cadre.

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Development One of the main problems with pure IT companies is that they only have IT experts. So, when you ask them a combined service (e.g legal app), although they perfectly can develop the service, when you start using it, you see it lacks lots of must-have features of your field. In Dadparvar, when talking about technology, we focus on just one market: Legal Society! So, we use our knowledge and experience to bring the best service in this field. Support and Consultation Development is just the beginning. The main part of these kinds of services is maintenance. Update, upgrade, debugging, teaching, and consultation is other parts of the support that is needed to get the most out of the service. Dadparvar will stay with you until whenever you need.

IT and Other Services

Let Dadparvar help you find the best technological solutions for your legal needs, including web and mobile applications, automation systems etc…

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Contracting One of the main reason for disputes in small to large businesses is the Contract. The content of the contract is the most important part of the business and any mistake can result in arising disputes. With years of experience, experts in Dadparvar can help you write the contracts professionally. Consultation Use experts and professionals' experiences and knowledge before you do anything. In Dadparvar, experts in different fields of law and insurance are ready to consult you. Let's work together on your business, to decrease the problems and speed up the growth.

Consultation and Contracting

Contracting is almost EVERYTHING in any business! Let the experts in our law firm be with you when you need consultation and/or help for Contracting.

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Dadparvar's Cadre

Dadparvar law firm’s main cadre is as follow

Hamed Azimi

CEO and Chairman of the Board

  • Dadparvar's Founder

    Since the first days I entered this field (law), I wanted to provide a modern legal service to the world. First step of that service is called Dadparvar!

  • LL.M (International Trade Law)

    LL.M (Pennsylvania State University + Tehran University)

حامد عظیمی
منصور عظیمی

Mansour Azimi

Member of the Board – Main Member

  • Attorney at law

    Attorney at law, since 2009, by getting 4th rank in country in Central Bar Association’s Exam!

  • Master of Registration Law

    In the same time as getting 4th rank in Bar Exam, I’ve been successfully accepted in Tehran University for Master of Registration Law!


Mostafa Azimi

Attorney at law

  • Attorney at law & University Professor

    Since 1998 I became attorney at law, and since 2008, I also started teaching law in higher educational level.

  • Arbitrator at Chamber of Commerce

    Since 2014, I officially became arbitrator at Chamber of Commerce.

مصطفی عظیمی
یعقوب عظیمی

Farhad Azimi

Professor of University and Professional Association of Insurance Industry

  • University Professor

    Since 2012, as I also have been accepted in master of private law, I started teaching insurance law and liability insurance in university.

  • Member of Professional Association of Insurance Industry

    I’m a member of Professional Association of Insurance Industry, and I also teach there.


Payam Azimi

Attorney at law

  • Master of Economic Law

    Master of Economic Law from Allameh Tabataba’i University

  • Attorney at law

    In addition to 5 years of work experience, since 2015 I became attorney at law and focused on prior experience, Contracting!

پیام عظیمی

Other Personnel

From time to time, it happens that some others start working with Dadparvar, either officially or un-officially. To know more about them you can visit "Dadparvar's Other Staffs" page!

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Taking care while passing steps forward, is the key to success. When something goes wrong, having experts and experienced is the best way to get things back.
In Dadparvar, experts and experienced cadre are ready to help you with your legal and insurance matters.

Nowadays, the growing speed of businesses are a lot faster than before. Competitions are more serious than ever. Any mistake can result in losing the game.

Legal matters for businesses are in 3 steps: 1) before starting. 2) during the operation 3) when something wrong happens.

Experts and Experiences cadre in Dadparvar are providing professional services for all 3 steps mentioned above. You focus on your business and let us think about the legal parts. We spent our life in this area, so you can trust us.

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